2006 Election Coverage

Here's an article I wrote for the November Issue of The Observer about the 2006 Mid-Term Elections.

On Tuesday, November 7, Americans went to the voting booth to elect public officials in the mid-term elections. After all of the votes were counted, the 2006 elections proved to be a very influential one which will be changing the political make up of our country in the next few weeks.

How Wi-Fi changed the face of the world...

Greetings from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport! To my surprise, when I booted up my laptop about a half an hour ago, it turns out the Wi-Fi system here at the airport has become FREE!!!! It was only a few months ago when I flew out to MSU for the weekend that they were charging $10 a day (24 hr. period) to get on their Wi-Fi system. Now on the other hand, it is free to all travelers of the airport. This just adds one more thing to the list of Pros for MHT, and setting it in the class of a major airport.