Political Round up

Four things to end the day on a political note.

  1. The Dow ended 348 points down for the day (a drop of 3.2% for the day), despite the senate approval for the Wall Street Bail Out plan last night.  This begs the question, if the markets go down when the plan is voted for (The Senate) and against (The House), when is it going to level off and rebound?  Hopefully the markets don't slide again tomorrow if the second House vote fails. 
  2. The first, and only, VP debate for the 2008 election is tonight.  9PM EDT.  Go print out your Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Bingo Cards, grab your drink of choice, and get ready to enjoy the debate!
  3. The Obama camp has released an iPhone app which gives you a one stop shop to local events, media, issues, and a place to organize how your friends are voting when making volunteer calls.  Question is, does this app send back any data to the campaign, related to your tally of contacts voting for/against Obama?  The app speaks of a feature which compares your call stats to everyone else nationwide.  No mention of a privacy policy on the webpage though. 
  4. The new league of Fantasy Congress starts tomorrow.  Hopefully my team (Credit Crunchers) can beat out the rest of the teams in the league (The Henry Paulson Fan Club).  If you enjoy politics, I'd highly recommend getting a group of your friends to create teams.  It has proved to be a point of conversation starters for months now. 

Since When did Rhode Island gain Cape Cod?

I was scrolling through my Picasa library earlier today looking for a picture, and came across the photo set of my trip to San Diego this past Memorial Day weekend.  While I was there, I visited the San Diego Air & Space Museum.  At first it looked like a good way to spend an hour out of the rain, but after spending 3.5 hours there, I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of exhibits at the museum. 

Huh?!?One photo that caught my eye was this one showing the location of all the Apollo Command Modules around the world.  While I'm sure the locations were accurate, the map itself was horribly drawn. It looked like something a 4th grader would draw for history class.  Rhode Island gained Cape Cod, Maryland gained both New Jersey, and Long Island, and Delaware just disappeared off the map.

Can a museum, whose main point of pride should be their exhibits, really just let a map like this get passed over by the curator?  Let’s hope the next time I travel to San Diego this map is fixed. 

Thanks to all!

To everyone who sent me e-mails, wrote on my Facebook wall, called my cell, mailed me something, sent a text message, or said something in person to me yesterday for my birthday...


It means a lot to me knowing how many people out there took even the few short minutes to send me a message. I am in debt to all of you for your gracious generosity.