Well folks, Digg has done it again..

Well folks, Digg, the social news, photos, videos sharing website, has done it again.

Last week Digg announced that Katie Couric was going to ask politicians at both conventions this summer user submitted questions. The responses would be taped and shown on YouTube, CBSnews.com, and CNET.com.

I for one thought it was a brilliant idea. Have a crowd of people submitting questions, then have them filter them with the digg/bury comment system and have a credible journalist ask the questions. While not 100% democratic and "people driven" (CBS/Katie could filter the questions even further) I through it was a nice step forward in a democratic news environment.

Well today, Digg announced a new program called Digg Dialogg. This again allows users to submit questions and a Digg staff member would interview someone with the most popular questions. The first person being interviewed is going to be House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The first interview will take place on Wednesday 8/27 and CEO Jay Adelson will be the interviewer.

This is a huge thing. Not only are "tech news reporters" being considered at the same level as big media, but any common person has the ability to have their question asked during the interview. This reminds me of the "Man on the Street" type interviews that we ran at NOAC 2006. Hopefully this series extends not only to more politicians, but also notable tech people, and other areas like sports.

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