An Inconvenient Truth Comes to SNHU

Below is an article I wrote for November, 2006 issue of The Observer about the showing of An Inconvenient Truth on the SNHU campus.

On Monday, November 13, students and staff filled Walker Auditorium in Robert Frost Hall for a showing of An Inconvenient Truth. The movie is a documentary about Former Vice President Al Gore’s mission to educate people about the dangers of global warming and how our civilization is causing most of the harm.
Global Warming has increasingly become an issue on the front page since the modern environmental movement started in the 1970s. Starting in 1958, scientists began sending up weather balloons to measure the levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. The levels do increase and decrease once a year because most of the vegetation lives above the equator and more carbon dioxide is converted to oxygen during our Spring and Summers. Overall though, the levels have been steadily increasing yearly and it does not appear to be slowing down.
One of the most covered topics in the movie is a part about weather patterns and the increasing of tropical weather events as the Earth’s temperature rises. Since the end of the US Civil War, temperature readings have been recorded across the country. Of all the years on record, the ten hottest years on record have all occurred in the last 14 years, and 2006 was the hottest of them all. These hotter temperatures is causing warmer waters in the Oceans which fuels stronger storms like hurricanes.
The part of the movie which caused the biggest reaction from the faces in the audience was about the rising of sea levels across the world. If the western ice shelf of Antarctica or the ice on Greenland broke up, sea levels world wide would go up 20 ft. 20 ft. may not seem like much water, but for low lying areas like Florida, the Netherlands, and parts of India and China it would displace millions of people.
Al Gore has given his talk about global warming over 1,000 times, and has pledged to keep doing so to educate enough people to cause major changes in how our society puts a price on our Earth’s natural goods and services. The movie was met with great reviews by students talking after the showing was finished as they left the auditorium.
For more information about An Inconvenient Truth (which is now available for purchase on DVD in a 100% environmentally friendly package), or what you can do to help reduce your individual carbon emissions, visit

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